Giving Internet Love since 1997

Afribiz is a small ISP started by K Le Roux on the 21st March of 1997
and is currently owned and operated by Nkosi Communications

afribiz logo
afribiz logo

Over the last 20 Years Afribiz has provided boutique Internet Services
to selected and exclusive clients, like Socca in Tshwane, Nkosi
Communications, Cubit Trade Services and various other companies and

Afribiz believes and has adopted the Google premise of “Do No Evil”
and believes that client service is everything

Afribiz supports emerging Black Business and to that end devotes
resources to subsidize and support hundreds of new black businesses,
each and every year. Afribiz empowers emerging small black business
men and women to manage their own Internet Domains, Their own
Websites and own their own technologies. This is achieved by relying
heavily on Open Source Technologies and the ongoing development of
leading services and new technology.

At least 95% of the current Afribiz client base is 100% black owned or BEE exempt businesses.

Afribiz is currently owned and operated by Nkosi Web Hosting (Pty) Ltd 2018/564562/07