How to Resolve Mobile Email Issues

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When experiencing an issue remember to remain calm and to eliminate potential issues, one by one.

All Afribiz servers & clouds supports all email ports and all protocols… – Clients need to authenticate both for sending and for receiving (Always send your email address, all lower case, as user name (not your name!) and your password)

So your problem will be with either your (1) App/Software, with your (2) Internet connection provider. or (3) With your Afribiz service

Some App’s do not support working encryption and some Apps do not support all the different types of options.

Some providers of Internet connectivity are now blocking certain ports as their networks are infested with worms and malware.

The best solution for you is to start logically eliminating issues.

Your resources are here:

If you follow the step by step, the first step is to eliminate Afribiz service issues:

1. Test you user name and password on Webmail (domain:2096)

2. If 1 works: your problem is with your device/software or with the company providing you “internet” access.

3. To eliminate software, download and install a different e-mail App use the ports and settings in your resources and remember that you need to authenticate (send your user name and password) all the time – when
receiving AND for sending

4. If it is not your App, then you can try checking two things:

(1) Check that your server name is your domain name. Sometimes your e-mail application may need to use the cloud name or specific server name (example for the SSL certificate, then accept and save that certificate after verifying it)

(2) Try different combinations of ports, for example 110 for receiving (plain POP) and 143 IMAP (with and without TLS (encryption) and 25 or 587 for sending You can also try the old SSL ports (no encryption) of 993 and 995 for receiving and 465 for sending

You can also ask the company providing you access to the Internet, what ports they allow you to use (sending: 25/465/587 and receiving: 110/143/993/995)

Always try to use encryption (the magic word is TLS – check that you are using the latest version) and always remember that your software needs to send your username (email) and password, both for sending and for receiving.

If you are unable to resolve your issue our network of IT partners are able to provide you either remote support or direct support as your device may have spyware, be compromised or may have other unknown issues. Please send an email to with your domain name in the subject line so that we may request one of our reliable and trustworthy IT partners to contact and assist you.