You have a Website and Email Now What?

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Your Brand Name

Your website and your domain name is your brand name.

You need to use your brand name, everywhere.

On business cards, on social media, on letters, on communication, on Signal, On Telegram, Everywhere.

The Internet and Your Brand Name

How to get traffic and visitors to my website

One of the ways your website becomes known on the Internet is to have quality content published on your website.

If you are an Afribiz/Nkosi Client, you probably have a wordpress website. This means that you are able to log into your website, yourself, and add/edit content on your website.

  1. You can log into your website (usually by adding /wp-admin to the end of your domain name)
  2. Using wordpress, on the left you should have menu options. Click on the “POSTS” option and on the ADD NEW option
  3. You can now add a HEADING and below, in the body of the new post, you can type, add media and add formatting.
  4. You should now add content relevant to your activities and that would be of interest to your potential visitors.


Other ways your website can receive traffic is to pay a reputable service for traffic, for example,, or any one of the other known and reliable providers.

Yet more ways are to run various types of campaigns, giveaways, competitions and special offers which you can market by using leaflets, holding virtual events, hosting social events (either virtual or physical)

There are many different marketing strategies and methods for you to achieve traffic to your website, but, the most important thing you should ensure is:

Always make sure that your website content quality is high, your website is working perfectly, your website is fast enough to support the visitors you are expecting (Afribiz/Nkosi has many different hosting packages available and if you are thinking about operating an online business, why not look at dedicated hosting? or dedicated wordpress hosting – Dedicated hosting allows you to know exactly how much CPU, SDD, Bandwidth, etc your domain will receive. This means that you can plan your campaigns much more effectively!)

Please remember that your website is NEVER FINISHED!

You always need to add something, change something, keep the content fresh and regularly updated. The Internet rewards you for regular new and fresh content (People know that they can come back and see something new and different on their next visit!)

Please remember that we can also do additional work for you at competitive rates!

Work we do include: Content Production, New graphics, Videos, Changes and Updates to your website, New Applications and more!

We also maintain a free advertising and marketing resource called – Please have a look by using the link: